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Long-time collectors of carousel animals are experiencing an epiphany.  As
people have aged they face the question of what will happen to their
increasingly scarce, but beloved herd when it goes to that great
merry-go-round in the sky.  Other names for the popular amusement park ride
are merry-go-round, roundabout, and flying horses.

Although modern carousels (especially in America) are mainly populated with
horses, carousels from earlier periods frequently including a diverse variety of
animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, and deer, to name a few.  The
carousel originated in Europe, but reached its greatest fame in America during
the 1900's.  The golden age of the carousel lasted only 25 years, but wonderful
memories of happy days spent at the town amusement park has sparked an
interest in painting this favorite ride for kids of all ages.

This rendering of Painted Ponies was done with love by the Canvas By Canvas
artists while calliope music danced in their heads.  The original reference photo
was taken by one of the artists at the indoor carousel that twirls in the Parks
Mall, in Arlington, Texas.  Framed together, the nine acrylic canvases represent
the talent of individual artists who have discreetly signed each 10" x 10"
square.  The framed painting measures 37" X 37" and weights 33 lbs.  It has a
French Cleat hanging system to allow flush wall mounting.  The painting is made
to last for generations . . . a lovely addition to the art collection of anyone who
has fond memories of this magical part of childhood.

Celebration  Series l
Texas Artists Painting Together
Canvas by Canvas
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