“I am often asked the question regarding what I like to paint.  I could no more limit my subjects
than I could limit my diet to bread and water. There are as many things to paint as there are
human beings and objects.

I paint as if my soul depends on it. It is more than my pastime. It is where I place my energy and
I get that energy from my art friends that I share this wonderful adventure with, and family,
especially my husband.”
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New Mexico born, Karen Foster has spent the greater part of her life
in Texas.  She has studied under a number of well known artists such
as Judi Betts, Maureen Brouillette, Gloria Coker, Ken Hosmer, Vern
Johnson, Darnell Jones, Doug Walton and Margie Whittington.   

Karen is closely associated with the Upstairs Gallery.  She has created
and sold original art directly as well as many commissioned pieces. All
of her work is related in that it is done with passion and enthusiasm. Her
media include watercolor, acrylics, oils, mixed media, drawing and
Dancing Ladies
Dancing Ladies 2
Carolina Wren
Cantaloupe on Fiesta
Bowl of Lemons
Howdy at Window
The Poop Deck
K A R E N   F O S T E R