She has studied with some of the greats, both locally and in other parts of the country,
but her inspiration is the group of artists who paint together on a regular basis at The
Upstairs Gallery in Arlington, Texas.    From this group, great friendships were formed
and Canvas by Canvas was born.

Connie lives with her husband, John, in Fort Worth, Texas.  Her paintings are in
commercial buildings  and private collections both in the US and abroad.
©  Canvas By Canvas, LLC
Connie Michael caught the travel bug when she was a child and
was privileged to travel around the globe with her military family.  
She has lived across the US and abroad and still loves to travel
and immerse herself in the local culture of her destination.  Art
has always been part of Connie’s life.  She loves to learn anything
and try everything.  Her passion, though, is painting.  With every
clean sheet of paper a new world opens and her life is filled with
color, design and endless possibilities.
C O N N I E   M I C H A E L
Terra Cotta
Country Music
Purple Rain
Rat Race
Jug With Pear
Poinsettias Gone Wild
John's Sailboats
Haltom Clock
Watercolor Daisies
Boot Scootin' Blue
(CBC Boot Camp)
Concerto I (Violin)   SOLD
On Top of the World
Garden Blues