© Canvas By Canvas
From the Parable of the Sower of the Seeds:  The seed that falls onto rich soil
holds fast and bears much fruit.  Likewise, the word of God that falls upon the ear
of the honest and good will be preserved and flourish in the heart.  Luke 8:1-15

Mounted in a custom made wood frame, the painting is the combined work of the
Canvas by Canvas artists and measures  37" x 37" framed.   Each 10" x 10"  
square was painted independently of the others. The charm of the piece lies in
the individuality of style found in each section of the painting.  The painting is
signed with the group Canvas by Canvas signature, and each one of the nine
canvas panels has been discreetly initialed by one of the collaborative artists.   
It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the contributing
“FROM HIS BOUNTY”            
C  A  N  V  A  S    B Y   C  A  N  V  A  S