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finds the lost coin she rejoices with her friends, just as there is rejoicing in heaven
among the angels over the repentance of one lost soul, magnifying God’s grace.
The magnifying theme of this painting illustrates the search for the lost coin, which is
represented here with a “widow’s mite.”  Can you see it?  (Seek and ye shall find.)

Mounted in a custom made wood frame, the painting is the combined work of the
nine Canvas by Canvas artists and measures  37" x 37" framed.   Each 10" x 10"  
square was painted independently of the others. The charm of the piece lies in the
individuality of style found in each section of the painting.  The painting is signed
with the group Canvas by Canvas signature, and each one of the nine canvas
panels has been discreetly initialed by the artist who painted it.    It comes with a
Certificate of Authenticity signed by the contributing artists.
C  A  N  V  A  S    B Y   C  A  N  V  A  S