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(“Save a Seat for Kinky” has been so popular that a second painting was created in a larger size for a
commission from Doug Chestnut in the Spring of 2008.

Kinky Friedman, the country singer, mystery writer, and independent candidate for Texas governor in
the 2006 election, remains a colorful character woven into the fabric of our state.  During the election
Kinky proposed, if elected, to name friend and fellow performer Willie Nelson as Texas energy czar!

Several Canvas by Canvas artists  took a photo shoot trip to Abbott, TX, childhood home of Willie
Nelson.  It was there, on a tiny strip of Abbott commercial property which comprises “downtown,” the
photographers discovered an abandoned storefront with the graphic Kinky poster in the window and
weathered lawn chairs on the sidewalk as if in anticipation of a parade.  It was just too perfect an idea for
a painting to ignore, and thus, “Save a Seat for Kinky” was born.

Mounted in a custom made wood frame, the painting is the combined work of the nine Canvas by
Canvas artists and measures  37" x 37" framed.   Each ten-inch square was painted independently of
the others. The charm of the piece lies in the individuality of style found in each section of the painting.  
The painting is signed with the group Canvas by Canvas signature, and each one of the nine canvas
panels has been discreetly initialed by the artist who painted it.    It comes with a Certificate of
Authenticity signed by the contributing artists.

Preserving a colorful event in ourTexas history, this painting will be a treasured piece of fine art for
Texas Series Collection
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