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Tuscany is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in Italy.  Located in central
Italy, along the Mediterranean coast, it is a gently hilly region known for its vineyards and olive
groves.  Large houses or small settlements are scattered around the low hills.  Its rich, rolling
landscape is complemented by towns overflowing with Renaissance art and architecture.

Several of the Canvas by Canvas artists have been fortunate enough to have seen firsthand
this beautiful region and have brought back home a wealth of memories and photographs that
they used in composing this painting.   Being able to paint this scene was almost (well, not
quite) as good as being there.   They had to imagine the aroma of lavender while brushing
purple paint onto the canvas and picture themselves back in that lovely place, feeling the gentle
mountain breezes.

The nine artists of Canvas by Canvas each painted one of the 10" x 10" squares.  The nine
come framed in a custom-made wood frame.  Framed, the painting measures
approximately 34" x 34"
C  A  N  V  A  S    B Y   C  A  N  V  A  S