Acrylic on Canvas
32" x 24"

God has mightily blessed Americans and provided us with a table of many wonderful
foods, most of which are mentioned by name in the Bible.  In this painting the central
squares of bread and wine  are shown as our remembrance of Him and our close
connections to each other and with Christ.   We look at these symbols with faith in a
future when He comes again for us.

This finished fine art piece is custom framed and measures 26” tall and 34” wide with
a depth of 1-1/2”. It is a collaborative piece with twelve canvases painted in acrylic by
all 11 members of Canvas by Canvas.  Only the two center squares done by one
artist.  The frame is wired and ready for hanging and the painting comes with a
Certificate of Authenticity signed by all the artists.

PCPC Arts Festival 2007

First Place Winner
Exploring the 23rd Psalm
Theme Three:  The Shepherd's Care
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