100 years ago, the first vending machine to
actually deliver gum balls made an appearance.
The machine in this painting is certainly an
antique, for back in the early 1900’s a gum ball
was one penny.  Today the current cost of one
gum ball in the United States is 25 cents!
Additionally, the artistic appearance and shape of
the original machine has now been altered for
mass production using plastic instead of metal and
glass. This particular gum ball dispenser was
unearthed in a house full of antiques and
memorabilia of the past.  It was put on display
once again after being filled with colorful gum.

The Canvas by Canvas artists continue to be
intrigued with nostalgic pieces like this one. The
painting is comprised of eight 8” x 8” individual
gallery-wrapped canvases, each panel painted by a
different artist. The finished piece measures 18” x
24” and is custom framed
to last a lifetime.  A Certificate of Authenticity
signed by the participating artists is included.

Acrylic on Canvas
16" x 32"
© Canvas By Canvas