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“Crosses of Many Colors”
The basic shape of a cross has, since prehistoric times, been employed in almost
every culture throughout the world; however, all the roughly similar shapes of
cross symbols have totally different meanings.

In this Cross of Many Colors, six of our Canvas by Canvas artists painted their
own interpretation of different crosses based on the passage in the scripture
from St. Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 13.

For many, this is thought to be the most wonderful chapter in the New
Testament and is often referred to as the love chapter.   As great as faith and
hope are, love is still greater. Faith without love is cold and hope without love is
grim.  Love is the fire which kindles faith and turns hope into certainty.

Framed together in the shape of a cross, these six  acrylic canvases represent
the talents of individual artists who have discreetly signed each 6 X 6 inch panel.
The unique piece is made to  last for generations . . . a lovely addition to any art
Acrylic on Canvases