"Queensland Gold"
A Down Under Wonder

24" x 24"
The Canvas by Canvas artists painted this sunflower in its entirety using Atelier Interactive
Artists' Acrylic, manufactured by Chroma in Australia and now popular in the U.S.  Each of the
nine canvases was painted by a different artist.  As they were painting the sunflower, the artists
commented how very pleasantly surprised they were by the paint's brilliance of color and buttery
texture.   They are delighted to have access to the extended working/blending techniques, which
allow them to paint within a time frame that they can control but without losing any of the
traditional fast-drying techniques offered by acrylics.

This fine art piece was titled in honor of the country where the acrylics are produced and whose
sunflower industry is thriving. The canvases making up each square are gallery wrapped,
measuring 8" x 8"; and all were framed together in a custom-made frame created to last for
generations. The total framed size is 28" x 28".  The piece comes ready to hang and with a
Certificate of Authenticity signed by the participating artists.
© Canvas By Canvas
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