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"Stuck on Texas!"
The artists of Canvas by Canvas have painted yet another piece of fine art devoted to our Texas
native plant -- the Prickly Pear Cactus, named in 1995 as the State Plant of Texas.   Frequently
seen in fields and along roadways in Central Texas, these sticky plants can also be found clinging
to cliffs, emerging from cracks in rocks, and even growing from the trees.  Though the Saguaro is
often associated with the Southwest, it isn’t native to our state . . . the real cactus of Texas is the
Prickly Pear!

“Stuck on Texas” was painted from a photograph taken by one of the CBC artists of the cactus in
Gordon, TX.  The painting is comprised of twelve 6” x 6” gallery-wrapped canvases, each painted
by different artists. The finished size of the custom-framed piece is 36” x 12”.
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