©  Canvas By Canvas
As the Canvas by Canvas artists began to paint from the setup of this lantern and
bucket of straw, old memories came alive again.  When questioned about the origin of
the lantern, the artist who had taken the photo quipped that it was very well-preserved
kerosene lantern that had come across the Delaware with George Washington; or, she
added, maybe it had come off the shelf at Arlington Westlake Hardware!  In any case,
notice the “Made in Texas” on the top of the lantern, artistically placed there by the
painter who’d rather it be manufactured in our home state.

This nostalgic piece was painted by nine different artists in acrylics, and each 8” x 8”
gallery-wrapped canvas was discreetly initialed.  Framed together in a custom frame, it
measures about 24”x 24”, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the
participating artists.

24"  x 24"
C  A  N  V  A  S    B Y   C  A  N  V  A  S