C  A  N  V  A  S    B Y   C  A  N  V  A  S
Fryer Cluck
Alarm Cluck
A pair of smart clucks!  
Although sold separately, if you are a fowl fan you may want to order this
pair of smart clucks  from the artists of Canvas By Canvas.

Each of these paintings is comprised of six 8" square canvases.  Together
the canvases in each painting measure 16" x 24" and are framed together
in a custom-made wood frame.
This stately fellow is an Araucana rooster. He lives on a small
country farm in Texas where he watches over and services ten
hens who love him!  They gather tightly around him for protection
at night on the roost.  

This breed's personality creates a demeanor that is not
aggressive or mean toward people.  The hens often lay green or
blue eggs, and are sometimes called the "Easter Egg Chickens."  
The rooster doesn't tolerate other pets around his girls and will
chase dogs or cats away.  He crows off and on all day.
nest of eggs at a time.  He guards the general area where his
hens are nesting, and will attack other roosters that enter his to
five feet off the ground, to serve as a lookout for his flock.  He
will sound a distinctive alarm call if predators are nearby.

Did you know that roosters as well as hens cluck?  Roosters
make different noises from hens.  As well as the obvious
crowing, they make loud startle noises, probably as a way to
warn the flock.  Then they have a whole language that they use
including a lot of clucking when they are offering bits of advice
to their harem.