"Save a Seat for Kinky"

Acrylic on Canvas
28" x 28"
Kinky Friedman, country singer, mystery writer, and independent candidate for Texas
governor in 2006, remains a colorful character in the already colorful state of Texas.  During
the recent election he proposed, if elected, to name friend and fellow performer, Willie
Nelson, as the Texas energy czar!  

During a photo shoot in Abbott Texas, home of Willie Nelson, the imagination of the Canvas
by Canvas artists was piqued by weathered metal lawn chairs arranged under a poster of
Kinky Friedman for Governor, as if in anticipation of a parade.    This was just too perfect an
idea for a painting to ignore, thus “Save a Seat for Kinky” was born.

All the Canvas By Canvas artists painted and signed the 8” x 8” square canvases.  After
custom framing the finished piece measures 27” x 27”.  Preserving a colorful event in Texas
history, this painting will become a treasured piece of fine art for generations.
© Canvas By Canvas
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