“Texas Tabasco”

Texas Longhorn
A Glimpse of Texas Series V

Living in Texas affords the artists of Canvas by Canvas opportunities for photo sessions
with the magnificent longhorns who share their state.  This bad boy was not happy to see
the photographer without food in her hands, but he graciously dipped his head to her, and
this wonderful pose was captured for a dynamic painting.

"Texas Tabasco" is a collaborative painting of nine 10" x 10" canvases painted in acrylics.  
Each panel is painted by a different artist and is individually and discreetly signed.  Housed
in a sturdily built custom wood frame, the finished piece measures 37" x 37" and weighs 33
lbs.   Built into the frame is a
"French Cleat" hanging system which allows flush-to-the-wall
hanging.  A certificate of authenticity, signed by the artists is attached to the back of the

This piece of Texana fine art will be treasured by its owner and for generations to come.
© Canvas By Canvas
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